The conquest by King Jaume I, creation of the Kingdom of Mallorca (Year 1229)

With the conquest of the island by the troops of Jaume I, also called "the Conqueror", a new stage began in which the sociopolitical basis, the language, the laws, the institutions and the customs that have marked the insular character until now settled down

Ships from the catalan harbours of Cambrils and Tarragona set sail to Mallorca on the fifth of September 1229 and they went ashore on the 10th of September. It was not until the 31st of December same year when the Catalan troops entered the capital Medina Mayurqa.

Once established the new power, this begun to share out the land according to the King's promises. The Llibre del Repartiment (1232) states this distribution of land that took place between the King and his direct vassals. The base of this distribution was the old division in Islamic districts that the conquerors had founded. The present borough of Alcúdia went into the King's share.

In the year 1248 the papal bull by Innocent IV first records the Parish of Sant Jaume de Guinyent that later would be known as Sant Jaume d'Alcúdia. It is in 1282 when Alcúdia appears for the first time in a legal record.

In the reign of Jaume II, Alcúdia is granted the titel of Vila and initiates the process of construction of the Walls with the purpose of protecting not only Villa de Alcúdia but also the landing to the island from the North-east.

The construction of the Walls was a hard burden for the inhabitants of Alcúdia, who had to share their agricultural tasks and the fishing with the works of construction and vigilance. The works ended in the year 1363.

One of the main economic activities during the Middle Age was the growing of grapevine and winemaking for the export.The commercial activity through the harbour was significant. The fishing of chorale for the jewel elaboration constituted an important complement for the economy of many fishermen.


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