The first human occupation

The first signs of human occupation in the boundary of Alcúdia goes back to the Pretalayotic culture from 2000 to 1300 BC. These first settlers did not build big settlements, but their burial places in natural or artificial caves have lasted until today. Some of them can be seen in Alcúdia very close to the walls like Cova de S'Hort de Rectoria or two of the three caves that formed the set of La solana, in the grounds of the Roman Theater and located in its tiers (cavea).

"It's doubtless that the introduction of the Talayotic in Mallorca supposes a radical change" according to Guillem Rosselló Bordoy. "It is evident that the changes that took place from 1200 BC. until the arrival of Rome (123 BC.) supposed changes in the life forms that became more and more complex, allowing to carry out works that needed a more elevated social organization than the one existing in the previous period leading to a craft specialization".

It would be in the last phase of this period when els Foners appeared (soldiers armed with slings), who took part in the wars between Romans and Carthaginians, and whose fame extended throughout the Mediterranean.


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