The rise of Alcúdia, Islamic Al-Qudya (10th-13th century)

Although there were previous contacts, in 903 the Muslims settled down on the island until the arrival of Jaume I el Conquistador in the year 1229.

Isam Al-Jawlani was the first to be named governor and initiated the reorganization of the island. The urban life concentrated in the capital Medina Mayurqa, while the rest of the island was organized in districts populated with farmsteads and villages (rafales). It will be at this moment when the term Al-Qudya will first appear, associated to the district of Bullânsa, which stems from the old Latin word Pollentia.

During this period the agriculture bloomed thanks to new watering techniques facilitated by the use of the chain pump. Crops introduced by the Romans were recovered and new ones started like cotton and rice.

Medina Mayurqa became a very important trade centre that attracted traders from all over the Mediterranean. In the same way it was a center of cultural attraction where artists, poets, philosophers or mathematicians developed their activity.


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