Transformations of Alcúdia during the 20th century

During the 20th century Mallorca undergoes great transformations backed by historical events and also by the socioeconomic circumstances that made it go over from a rural community to another one based on the turistic sector.

Alcúdia didn't escape this change and in the 30's the first hotel was built. The exploit of the coastline as a factor of economic development begins and new infrastructures that offer services to all the island like the harbour and the power station were created.

The Civil War and World War II showed a political change that lasted the whole postwar period and that did not finish until the democratic restauration after Franco's death. At the moment the Estatut d'Autonomia states part of the old rights abolished with the Decree of Nueva Planta and the Dictatorship. This way the community recovers the language and its own institutions.


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