Alcúdia's beaches (Majorca)

Es Barcarés

Es Barcarés outlines a bow-shaped inlet in front of a small islet. It's also an example of those timeless nooks, where everything remains unspoilt. This charming inlet contains a few mixed types of beaches. You'll find the solitude in these 100 meters of amazing beaches. Many bathers go for a swim on one of its side ends, where you'll see a little breakwater and two small rocky coves. This modest nook was in years past one of the most popular places in Alcúdia, where locals went to cool down during the hot summer days. Maybe that's the reason why the "alcudiencs", especially the elderly, drop by daily to have a good time at this marvellous place.

It's a humble beach with a somewhat special charm and a taste of local tradition.


By car, on foot, by bike
- Departing from Alcúdia take Carrer de Antoni Torres for 300 metres.
- Follow straight on into the Avinguda del Morer Vermell for 300 metres.
- Follow the Carrer del Clot for 50 metres.
- Park in this or in an adjacent street.

Ask the taxi driver for Es Barcarés beach - Es Clot beach:
- Taxis Amics d´Alcúdia. Tel. (+34) 971 54 96 91
- Taxis d´Alcúdia. Tel. (+34) 971 54 97 66 & (+34) 971 54 98 70


Nearby you'll find bars, restaurants and two hotels.


- Area: Morer Vermell / Barcarés
- Type: Rocky
- Services: Easy access, easy parking
- Occupation: Medium

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