Alcúdia's beaches (Majorca)

Es Morer Vermell

Es Morer Vermell is a 200 metre-long sandy and rocky beach. It's a quiet, pleasant and peaceful busy place to relax. Alcúdia's old town is only two kilometres away from here. This fact, in addition to its calm waters and a peaceful environment makes it a favourite with locals that summer in and summer out come to this beach to take a swim or have a chat. Time does not seem to go by in this nook, that's why it still keeps an ancient charming look.

Right beside Es Morer Vermell there are two small hotels but they don't interfere in its charm.

Under its crystal clear water, the sandy and rocky seabed is not too deep (200 metres away it's only 2-metre deep), which turns this place into a perfect playground for kids as for snorkelling.


By car, on foot, by bike
- Departing from Alcúdia take the Carrer de Antoni Torres for 300 metres.
- Follow straight on into the Avinguda del Morer Vermell for 300 metres.
- Turn right into Calle Maria Antonia Salvà for 100 metres.
- Park in this or in an adjacent street.

Ask the taxi driver for Es Morer Vermell:
- Taxis Amics d´Alcúdia. Tel. (+34) 971 54 96 91
- Taxis d´Alcúdia. Tel. (+34) 971 54 97 66 & (+34) 971 54 98 70


Sun beds and parasols are only for hotel guests.


- Area: Morer Vermell / Barcarés
- Type: Fine sand
- Services: Easy access, easy parking
- Occupation: Medium

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