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Penya des Migdia

This cultural route takes you to Penya des Migdia, a beautiful watchtower located between the bays of Alcúdia and Pollença. On the top of the peak there's a hundred year-old cannon, which was part of the defensive system in Alcúdia. From that point you'll enjoy an outstanding panoramic view over Pollença Bay, Alcúdia Bay, the town of Alcúdia and Es Cap des Pinar. On a clear day you'll be able to see Minorca.

The trip to Penya des Migdia passes through one of the most beautiful spots in the Natural Area of La Victòria, nowadays protected by the Law on Natural Areas on the Balearic Islands. The trip is 5 km long from the Hermitage in La Victòria to Penya des Migdia.


- Departing from La Victòria Hermitage (To get to La Victòria follow the instructions in cultural route 1 - from Alcúdia to La Victòria),

- Get the track uphill to Sa Talaia. After 15 minutes walk and a sharp bend to the right, follow the sign-posted track that branches off to your left towards Penya des Migdia.

- This track is 3 km-long, the sea on your left-hand side and the mountain walls on your right.

- This track is followed by another path which ends at the top of the peak.

The exceptional location of Penya del Migdia, an enormous rock between the bays of Alcúdia and Pollença, turned it soon into a watchtower from where they could control the enemies arriving to the coast.

At the beginning of the 17th century the threat of the Turk and North-African pirates became more and more intense. Therefore, many defensive constructions and artillery were lined up together with the natural defences.

As a result, today you can find this defensive area. It is a walled little house with an outwork for just a couple of guardians with a protected access and two more buildings, which can be identified like a furnace for hot shot and an upper platform with a standing wall with a cannon. The whole set is closed by a wall on the only practicable path in the area.

La Victòria Hermitage


Penya des Migdia


Sa Talaia


Camí de S'Hort Des Moros / Camí de S'Alou


Es Coll Baix




S'Albufera Natural Park




Sant Martí's Puig and Cave


Porta de Mallorca, Costa Nord and Porta de Xara


Alcúdia's town centre


Roman City of Pollentia


Santa Anna's church


Torre Major


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