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Sa Talaia

This excursion wants to show you Sa Talaia, the highest peak in the borough of Alcúdia, passing through the Natural Area of La Victòria, nowadays protected by the Law on Natural Areas on the Balearic Islands. The trip is 3 km long, starting at the Hermitage in La Victòria.


- Departing from the Hermitage in La Victòria (To get to La Victòria follow the instructions in cultural route 1 - from Alcúdia to La Victòria),

- Get the track uphill to Sa Talaia. After 15 minutes walk you'll pass a sharp bend to the right followed by a sign-posted track that branches off to your left towards Penya des Migdia.

- Ignore this last track and follow on the same one until you reach an open area right underneath the top of the peak.

- From this area, a path branches off on your left-hand side towards Puig del Boc and Es Coll Baix. But if you want to get to the highest point in Alcúdia, just follow the track uphill for another 5 minutes and you'll reach the top of Sa Talaia d'Alcúdia.

At the top of Sa Talaia, at a height of 446 metres, overlooking the bays of Alcúdia and Pollença you'll find a tower. It's a remnant of Sa Talaia of La Victòria, a building started in 1567, which was definitely pulled down in 1936. This building was part of a series of strategic watchtowers and towers to watch over the coast and to quickly transmit the news to Palma by means of smoke signs in the daytime and in the night by fire signs.

This system was improved by Joan Binimelis, priest, mathematician and astronomer in the end of the 16th century. The system is similar to the one used in other coastal areas in the Mediterranean. From Sa Talaia the news were transmitted to Alcúdia by flag signs.

It was a round tower with a room underneath the roof defended by a wall with a stone bracket. The access door was very high and it could only be reached by a ladder or a rope. Those were removed in case of risk. There was a small window with an over-hanging stone. Only two watchmen kept duty with light weapons since their mission was not defensive.

La Victòria Hermitage


Penya des Migdia


Sa Talaia


Camí de S'Hort Des Moros / Camí de S'Alou


Es Coll Baix




S'Albufera Natural Park




Sant Martí's Puig and Cave


Porta de Mallorca, Costa Nord and Porta de Xara


Alcúdia's town centre


Roman City of Pollentia


Santa Anna's church


Torre Major


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