Cultural Routes

Torre Major

This cultural route starts in Alcúdia leading to the harbour past the Roman Theatre. You'll see the fishing harbour and the former power station before arriving at Torre Major. It was built in the beginning of the 17th century as a watchtower in the days of the pirates. It's a 4 km long-route from Alcúdia to Torre Major.

- Departing from Porta de Xara, take Carrer Pollentia towards the harbour. Follow the C-713 ca 1,7 km. You'll pass near the Roman Theatre. There's a sign indicating where it is.

- We enter Es Port by Carrer de Teodor Canet and follow this street ca 1,5 km. Then we take Carrer de Gabriel Roca and afterwards Camí de Alcanada which is road that will lead us to Torre Major.

In 1598 a Royal Privilege entailed the improvement of the defensive layout of the area, although the building of the tower was delayed until the reign of Felipe V. The fortification was completed with orders to build a fort in the bay of the Port Major, hence the name of Torre Major. It is one of the five coastal watch points in Alcúdia. The coats of arms by Antoni Verger were placed over the gate in 1602 but building was not finished until 1613. It is said that in 1860 the building was deserted and Alcúdia was no longer an artillery emplacement.

La Victòria Hermitage


Penya des Migdia


Sa Talaia


Camí de S'Hort Des Moros / Camí de S'Alou


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S'Albufera Natural Park




Sant Martí's Puig and Cave


Porta de Mallorca, Costa Nord and Porta de Xara


Alcúdia's town centre


Roman City of Pollentia


Santa Anna's church


Torre Major


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