-La Victòria and la Punta de Manresa

The protected area of Puig de la Victòria is 1.198 ha. large. It is a very nice peninsula that divides the bays of Pollença and Alcúdia. It has a series of heights named: Puig de la Victòria (445 m), Puig des Romaní (387 m), Penya Rotja (354 m) and Sa Talaia Vella (349 m).

The coastline is very rocky with plenty of cliffs; on Pollença Bay side you'll find some small beaches like S'Illot and in Alcúdia Bay you'll find Coll Baix, a very interesting peeble beach.

It is also a high-value natural area due to its rich and extensive flora and fauna.

The prevailing vegetation is the magnificent pine groves, garriga and wild olive trees. There are plenty of cypress trees, rosemary and Mediterranean fan palms (palmito), the only European palms.

On the coast you'll be able to watch sea birds like the seagull and the cormorant. One of our fauna most threatened to extinction species, the osprey (Pandion haliaetus), nests in this area. You can also observe several falcon species and other typical birds in the areas of pine groves and garrigues.

Penya Roja, which is named after its ochre reddish colour, constitutes an almost impregnable natural fortress. This was the site of a tower built in 1603, which later was deserted and replaced by Sa Talaia d'Alcúdia, the highest watchtower in Mallorca.

At a height of 200 m, just before arriving to Penya des Migdia (315 m) is located the old sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de la Victoria, which was restored in the 17th century.

Punta de Manresa
Not far away from La Victòria is the Natural Area of Punta de Manresa, which is a beautiful rocky area with many shallow coves.

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