Indigenous Trees

- Holm oak (Quercus ilex): Tree with flat, coriaceous and perennial leaf, characteristic of the damp Mediterranean mountain. It forms Said woods, notable in the Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca. Different specimens of holm oaks may be seen in Alcúdia in some small holm oaks groves such as the one at Puig de Son Fe.

- Aleppo Pine (pinus halepensis): This pine accumulates large quantities of highly inflammable resins and volatile essences. In summer all precautions are not enough.

- Enebro (Juniperus oxycedrus macroarpa): Mediterranean species which, in Mallorca, is found only in the dunes in Alcúdia. Its roots bind the dunes .It's recognisable by its sharp-pointed leaves in groups of three and its fruit in the form of a berry which is very attractive to birds and very similar to that of Common Juniper used in gin blend.

- Wild Olive (Olea europea sylvestris): The sylvestris is widespread, being found both along the coast and in the mountains.

- Olive (Olea europea europea): Olive is a cultivated variety. It has been grown throughout the Mediterranean for some 6000 years. It originally arrived in the eastern Mediterranean approximately 3000 years ago.

- Tamarisk (Tamarix sp): Abundant in S'albufereta where it forms notable woods. It's a tree of modest appearance, much branched, with small overlapping and slightly lanceolate leaves. It has small flowers in dense spikes and grows in salty soil.

- Carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua): In its wild state it forms part of the Mediterranean coastal maquis together with the wild olive. Widely cultivated since the end of last century, it was used to replace many of the vines attacked by phylloxera. Its fruit, the carob or locust bean, was used to feed livestock, and nowadays it is used in the chemical industry.

- Mediterranean fan palm (Chamaerops humilis): It is the only palm native to Europe. It is very small (from 2 to 6 m) with big leaves arranged like a fan and it's abundant among garrigues and pine groves in the Tramuntana mountain range in the northeast of Mallorca. It is a protected species.

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