Measures to protect the environment during your holiday

During your holiday you can contribute to protect the environment by just following these pieces of advice:

- Collaborate in the selective rubbish collection of paper/cardboard and glass by using the containers in the street and on the beach as well as those in your hotel.

- During your trips, please leave your car at the car parks and then explore on foot or by bike.

- If possible, use the public transport.

- Water is a scarce natural resource in Mallorca. Please don't spend more than necessary.

- Reduce electrical consumption by using the electric light and the air-conditioning in a responsible way.

How can you protect the sea?

- Avoid anchoring on the posidonia prairies. Anchor on sand areas.

- Don't throw refuse into the sea. Pollution affects in a very negative way the water organisms.

- If you're sailing, please use watertight deposits for waste waters and do never pour them into the sea if you're not at least 12 miles away from the coastline.

Some advice to keep the beach clean

Most of the beaches in Alcúdia have white sand formed by sedimentation of microscopic shells. Afterwards the wind transportates and models the sand into dunes. These act like sand stores avoiding erosion.

A very fragile vegetation of endemic plant species grows on them, which contribute to preserve sand from suffering wind transportation.

Some advice to preserve dunes and beaches

- Avoid walking through the dunes

- Do not pick up any plants.

- Do not leave any rubbish on the sand, rocks or water. The best thing you can do is to take it away from the beach and put it into the appropiate container.

- If you smoke, don't throw the butts onto the sand, rocks or water, as they need a lot of time to demean.

- Domestic animals are banned from the beach.

- Use car parks and do not drive out of roads or tracks.

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Measures to protect the environment during your holiday


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