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Customs Law informs in detail about the limits when importing or exporting products from or to the Balearic Islands. You can get this information at the Spanish embassies or in travel agencies. For more detailed enquiries please contact the Department of customs and special taxes in Madrid.

Remember that only adults can export alcochol and tobacco in the permitted amounts.

Members of countries outside the EU may ask for a refund of the VAT in any of the Duty Free shops. To claim the refund of such duties, fill in a registration form issued by the Customs office at the exit area.

You can also visit the customs service by clicking here:Aduana Virtual


From June to September, the hottest period, lightweight and thin clothes are most worn, but there's no harm in bringing a sweater with you. During the rest of the year it is normal to wear a jacket, a pullover or a light coat. A cagoule can be very useful in spring and autumn.

Hikers should wear suitable clothing and footwear as well as sun protection creams windbreaks and caps.

Those who are keen on photography should bring with them an ultraviolet filter and a parasol to avoid gleams. It is also important to bring a hermetic case to protect the camera from getting any sand while on the beach.

Youngsters / Students

The Balearic Islands are an ideal destination for young travellers. Nice weather, striking beaches and nightlife lures thousands of youngsters every year from all over Europe. Some of them even come to both work and have fun.

Those who have the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and Euro under - 26 will benefit from important discounts when using the ferry, going to museums as well as when visiting some tourist attractions. Some travel agencies offer special prices to youngsters.


Alcúdia is a tourist place for families, that is why you'll find a huge variety activities and facilites for the kids. They'll have a marvellous time. Most hotels have amusement areas, nursery and entertainment facilities for the little ones.
Restaurants usually provide all the conveniences for kids like high chairs, kids menus etc. If you're about to rent a car, the car rental company will supply you with a special security chair.


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