Health and Security


Private life insurance

Even though Alcúdia is a safe place, it is not unnecessary to ask which travel insurance protects you if you lose your luggage or any other hitch.

In case of lost luggage you can make a complaint at the airport or at the hotel. In case of a theft you must turn to the Local Police or to the Guardia Civil. You'll need a police report to claim the insurance

You can also make an on-line complaint at : online complaint
We strongly recommend you to be careful with your personal belongings to avoid unnecessary risks.


Alcúdia police are kind to tourists. They are always willing to help you. There are different police forces, just the same as in the rest of Spain:

Policía Nacional (national police)
They only intervene in complicated situations and monitoring some public buildings. They also deal with issuing identity cards and passports. You can contact them by just dialing 091 or at the following address
Calle Ruiz de Alda, 8. CP: 07011. Palma
Tel. (+34) 971 22 52 18, 971 22 52 08, 971 22 52 10

Policía Municipal o local (local police)
This is the most common police force in tourist areas. They have a local competence. Their office is located right in the old town. You'll see them patrolling along the beach, at the market and other tourist areas. You'll find them at:
Carrer Bastió de Sant Ferran s/n
Tel. (+34) 971 54 50 66 / Fax (+34) 971 54 91 46
/ 092
Guardia Civil
It is an armed force dressed in green. They control some rural areas and the roads. Dial 062 to contact them or visit them in:
C/ de Francesc Borja i Moll s/n - CP: 07400 Port d'Alcúdia
Tfno. (+34) 971 5469 08
hours of 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day


In the event of an emergency you can ask for immediate help by dialling "112", the telephone number for the Balearic Emergencies Service. Calls are free and you will be attended quickly and in your own language. The Service at this number co-ordinates all calls to ambulances, fire brigade and security forces to ensure the most rapid and most effective response to any emergency


All the beaches are open all day long. They look totally different in summer from in winter. During the summer most beaches offer a wide range of facilities with sun beds, parasols, boats... which are stripped off during winter to oxygenate and recover the sand.

Even though the Mediterranean Sea is quiet, during summer there are many lifeguards keeping a lookout on the beach to guarantee the bathers' security. At the beach entrance there are signs with useful information about the beach facilities. For instance, Platja has signs at many beach accesses along its 10 km long beach.

But there are also smaller beaches and coves that remain unspoilt, what is their main attraction.

Most beaches are sandy but there are also a few beaches with pebbles, mostly those facing north. You should use an appopriate footwear.

The sun is an important element to take into account while on the beach. First, avoid being in the sun for a long time when it's highest overhead and therefore the strongest (normally from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm in the northern hemisphere). With the right precautions kids can safely play in the sun. Make sure to use protective suncream, parasols.moisturize your body frequently and drink a lot of water.

Medical services

In Alcúdia there are both private and public medical services. European travellers have a right to free-of-charge medical treatment, although it is advisable to fill in Form E111 (available at a Post Office).

Private medical insurance, which is not free of charge, is advisable because it's is a less bureaucratic and faster system.

All non-european visitors must have a private medical insurance.

If you're ill contact a hospital or clinic. If it's at night contact the emergency system.

Centro de Salud Alcúdia Safrà
Carrer Formentera, s/n. CP: 07400. Alcúdia
Tfno. (+34) 971 54 63 71 / Fax (+34) 971 54 79 15
Appointment 902 079 079

Unitat Basica de Salud Port d'Alcudia
C/ Ciutadella, 7, 07400 Alcudia (Mallorca)
Tfno. (+34) 971 54 80 59
Appointment 902 079 079

Hospital General de Muro
C/ Veler, s/n. CP: 07458. Platja de Muro
Tfno. (+34) 971 89 19 00


Chemist's have similar openning hours to the rest of the shops and you can easily recognize them by their green cross with the words "Farmacia" or "Apotecaria".

At most chemist's assistants understand foreign languages, what is very important, because chemists are qualified to make diagnostics and prescribe certain medicines.

Chemist's in Alcúdia:

Farmacia Crespí Gost A.
Carretera d'Artà, 41. CP: 07400. Port d'Alcúdia
Tfno. (+34) 971 89 11 62

Farmacia Laboratorio Gelabert
Carretera d'Artá s/n. CP: 07400. Port d'Alcúdia
Tfno. (+34) 971 89 22 41

Farmacia Oliver Marques
Carrer Teodor Canet, 12. CP: 07410. Port d'Alcúdia
Tfno. (+34) 971 54 71 56, (+34) 971 54 58 51
Fax (+34) 971 54 71 56

Farmacia Laboratorio Pujadas
Plaza Constitució, 11. CP: 07400. Alcúdia
Tfno. (+34) 971 54 81 72

Farmacia Torrens Pons
Carretera d'Artá, 135. CP: 07400. Port d'Alcúdia
Tfno. (+34) 971 89 25 58

Farmacia Ventayol Aguiló
Avenida Príncipes de España, 5. CP: 07400. Alcúdia
Tfno. (+34) 971 54 85 58

Farmacia Vizoso
Avenida Pere Mas Reus, 30. CP: 07400. Port d'Alcúdia
Tfno. (+34) 971 89 05 30

At night or on Sundays there's always a chemist's on duty. Visit this site to know which the all-night chemist's in real time is:


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