You can easily find telephone booths in the streets. It's continuously increasing the number of telephone boxes for internationall calls at low prices.

Telephone booths work with coins and phone cards which can be obtained at a tobacconist's and at a newsagent's.

To phone within Spain always dial the full 9 digit number (including the area code) even when calling from within the same area. The prefix for the Balearic Islands is 971 and 871. To telephone to Alcúdia from outside Spain dial 0034 followed by the area code 971 or 871 and then the number.

At the telephone booths there are 4 different rates for phoning abroad: phoning in the EU, to other European countries and northern Africa, America, and the rest of the world.

To call abroad dial the international access code (00) + country code + the local number.


There are many local newspapers in Mallorca. They are normally read by Mallorcans because they contain plenty of local information. They are also interesting because they contain a lot of information about cultural and sport events, leisure, nightlife and many useful addresses and phone numbers. Some local newspapers publish newpapers in German and English containing information about the English or German speaking countries.

At a newsagent's and at the hotel you can easily find national and international newspapers. There are many German and English newspapers, which arrive in Alcúdia with just a few hours delay.

The local magazines are:

Diari de Balears

Diario de Mallorca

El mundo

Última Hora

Mallorca Daily Bulletin

Mallorca Zeitung

Mallorca Magazin

Postal Service

Correos is the national postal service. You can post your mail at the hotel, at the yellow postboxes or at the Post Office located in Carrer Pollentia, 61 in Alcúdia, telf (+34) 971 54 54 40. The opening hours are generally from 8'30 am to 2'30 pm during weekdays and from 9'30 am to 1 pm on Saturdays. Sundays closed.

You can buy stamps and envelopes at the tobacconist's and some hotels.


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