Well into the 16th century, the medieval walls had to adapt to new weaponry: artillery. After the reign of Philip II, proposals were made for the construction of a new walled enclosure, as neither the towers nor the walls allowed for the positioning of medium-calibre artillery. This led to the construction of various bastions positioned over the towers, to increase their width and permit the installation of these pieces. The project continued throughout the 17th century, following designs by Vicenç Mut. Nowadays, the Xara and Vila Roja Bastions are still conserved.




The new enclosure that surrounded the former walls was of an irregular quadrangular shape, consisting of 5 perimeter bastions and four gateways. There were 8 fortified bastions: that of Sant Antoni, Sant Lluís, Santa Teresa, Sant Felip, Santa Maria, Sant Ferran; the Bastion of La Reina and the Bastion of El Rei. There was also a moat to the exterior.

The design of this new enclosure was already outdated by the 18th century owing to technological advances in weaponry, which resulted in the walls now being considered of little military use and leading to their gradual deterioration during the 19th century.

Nowadays, only the Bastion of Sant Ferran is still conserved, forming part of the bullring, as well as that of Santa Mariathat houses a state school (Escola "Porta des Moll") and several remains of the highly deteriorated Bastion of La Reina and the Bastion of El Rei

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