There are many possibilities to enjoy the nature, the landscape, breathtaking panoramic views of the local flora and fauna, the silence... Alcúdia has numerous protected areas where excursions can be made. You can also find signposted paths which run through the peninsula of La Victoria and the Puig de Sant Martí.

Throughout the winter, the leading European teams visit the Island because they appreciate its ideal conditions for training.

The “Mallorca Challenge” or the “Ironman Thomas Cook” are some of the competitions held in Mallorca and Alcúdia is part of their itinerary.

Mallorca has a road network of more than 1,200 km, of which more than half are local roads and highways of second order with an average width of 6.50 meters approximately.

Through them you can approach the small towns of the interior, where you can explore the authentic culture and gastronomy. For visitors looking to enjoy the mountain, on the island there are more than 150 kilometres of beautiful mountain road.

Alcúdia Routes