Active vacations in Alcudia(Majorca)


Aerial sports

Height lovers will be able to practice aerial sports such as paragliding, hang-gliding, helicopter and hot-air balloons.



Helicopter and hot-air balloons

Helicopter Sloane

Son Bonet airport. El Pont d'Inca. CP: 07009. Palma

Manager: Sr. Alistair Sutherland

Tel. (+34) 971 79 41 32

Fax (+34) 971 60 82 70



Timetable: Open throughout the year. From Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5pm. Take off at Son Bonet airport - Pont d'Inca. Passengers 1 to 3.

Mallorca Balloons

C/ Can Melis, nº 22. CP: 07590. Cala Rajada. Mallorca

Manager: Sr. Ricardo Aracil

Tel. (+34) 971 81 81 82

Fax (+34) 971 56 53 32



Timetable: Open from April to October.

Activities: Hot-air balloon trips over Mallorca. Take off at the globòdrom in Manacor. Passengers from 3 to 15

Fly by helicopter or in a hot-air balloon over Mallorca. Enjoy a flight over our precious island and delight in the views that can only be experienced from above.


Paragliding and hang-gliding

Alfabia Paragliding School

Po box 95. CP: 07400. Alcúdia

Manager: Óscar Martínez Fernández.

Tel. (+34) 971 89 13 66 / (+34) 687 626 536



Timetable: Open throughout the year.

Activities: Beginners and advanced courses, two-seater and tandem flights. Location: on top of Puig de St. Martí

Club Vol Lliure Mallorca

Manager: Sr. Paco Igualada

Tel. (+34) 655 766 443 / (+34) 629 80 81 92



Timetabe: Open throughout the year.

Activities: Courses from June to September. Two-seater fligh

Alcúdia's special climate is ideal for paragliding and hang-gliding. Without any previous experience you will be able to enjoy all the excitement and sensations of flying. You'll fly with an experienced pilot so that you can fulfil your dream of flying without any worries. What are you waiting for? Try this unforgettable experience.


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