A Roman Theatre excavated in the bedrock

Located on the outskirts of the city of Pollentia it was constructed in the early 1st century AD, it was a recreation centre to provide enjoyment for the entire population. You can still see its semi-circular orchestra, a great part of the stands and the stage. But the most particular thing with this theatre is that it was excavated in the bedrock, unlike most other roman theatres.

It was probably used for theatre performances and gymnastics. At the end of the 3rd century the Roman Empire went into a large crisis until the final collapse. Pollentia was not unaffected and its population and urban area diminished largely. In the late Roman times both the theatre and the forum would be used as a necropolis. We can still see some of the tombs excavated in the stands of the theatre.

Opening hours

The roman theatre is permanently open
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By car, on foot, by bike:
Departing from Alcudia get Camí del Teatre Romà, a parallel road to the C-713. The theatre is about 900 metres away.

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- Taxis d´Alcúdia. Tel. (+34) 971 54 97 66 & (+34) 971 54 98 70


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