Bullfighting, an ancient tradition

The bull is an animal that has culturally been linked to the life on the Balearic Islands, and which has appeared in many different ancient artistic representations as a symbol of strength and fertility. A good example is the Talapí bull, a pre-roman sculpture, which is preserved at Museu de Mallorca, in Palma.

The bull worship can be seen at a bullfight. Even though Majorca is not one of the main venues for national bullfighting, there's a wide bullfighting tradition and a great number of supporters.

There are two main bullfights in Alcúdia every year: on July 25th (Saint Jaume) and on August 15th (Mare de Déu d'Agost) .Bullfighting is held at the arena that was built a century ago in one of the defensive bastions of the walls, Bastión of Sant Ferran. Many legendary bullfighters as Palomo Linares, Manuel Díaz "El Cordobés" or Dávila Miura have visited this arena.

If you're interested in bullfighting you may also visit the bullrings in Muro, Felanitx, Palma and Inca. In summer there are many bullfights throughout Majorca with important bullfighters. You can see the arena in Alcúdia in the visiting hours.


By car, on foot, by bike:
The arena is located in the town centre of Alcúdia.

Autocares Mallorca to Alcúdia city centre

Ask the taxi driver for the arena:
- Taxis Amics d´Alcúdia. Tel. (+34) 971 54 96 91
- Taxis d´Alcúdia. Tel. (+34) 971 54 97 66 & (+34) 971 54 98 70


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