Mallorcan olive oil

Mallorca has a long history of olive growing, together with the production and consumption of olive oil. Traditionally Mallorcan olive oil has always been well-acknowledged and popular among the local residents and people from other areas with which Mallorca has had trading links over the years. During the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, Mallorcan oil played a key role in the island's economy, both as a basic ingredient in the islanders' diet and as a product for trading exchanges and exportation

During the Venue of the International Exhibition of Barcelona in 1888 Mallorcan oil achieved recognition outside the island, when being awarded the second prize for quality oil. But it was in 2002 when it acquired its Designation of Origin Oli de Mallorca. It's an Extra Virgin Olive with the mallorquina, arbequina and picual varieties.

The Tramuntana mountain range is very important for producing this olive oil because it protects the island from the northern winds and determines the island climate and also because its hillside terraces face south, and it's there where this olive is produced. There are two different types: the fruity (picked early on in the harvest season) and the sweeter (made from riper olives and characterised by its golden yellow colour, sweet taste and sharp feeling).

It's a must to try this genuine oil, for instance in a Pa amb Oli.


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