The calendar through some Mallorcan dishes

January / February

Gastronomically speaking the year starts with cocarrois(spinach pastries) , the coca de tallades (Mallorcan pastry with sobrassada), the espinagades (pasties filled with vegetable and eel) and sausages such as botifarrons or sobrassades.

- The cocarroi is a small delicious folded pastry in a half-moon shape

- The coca de tallades is a pastry with sobrassada and botifarró covered with sugar.

- The espinagades is a folded pastry filled with peas, spinach and eel. There are also some with pork loin and cabbage.

- The botifarró is a pork offal and blood sausage. It is eaten grilled at Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià festivals

- The sobrassada is a sausage made with minced pork seasoned with salt, pepper and spices. You can eat it grilled or just smeared on a slice of bread.

March / April / May / June

At Easter and in spring robiols, panades, frit de pasqua, rotllo and coca d'albercoc are eaten.

- Robiols are very typical over Easter. These are half-moon shaped sweet pastries which are stuffed with curds or jam.

- The panades are round pastries stuffed with meat and peas. In Alcúdia people go to La Victoria hermitage on the first Tuesday after Easter to eat up their panades.

- Frit de pascua. Traditionally, right after Easter Sunday mass, all the families get together to eat frit as a sign of the end of fasting time. It's a meal made of streaky bacon, blood of lamb mixed with potatoes, peas and fennel.

- Rotllo. In Alcúdia the tradition says that godfathers shall give their godsons a rotllo as a present on Maundy Thursday. The rotllo is a round shaped pastry with coloured sweets.

- The coca d'albercoc is a pastry topped with apricot and sugar.

July / August / September

With the summer heat the traditional dishes are lighter and usually cold. Trempó, tumbet, some summer soups and grilled peppers are the most popular dishes in this time.

- Trempó is the most typical summer salad; it accompanies most meals in summer and consists of pieces of tomato, red pepper and onion, with a dressing of olive oil, vinegar and salt.

- Sopes d'estiu. To prepare this dish you have to lightly fry some peppers, aubergines, onions, parsley, tomatoes with oil and salt. Then you add some water and heat it to boiling point. Finally add some pieces of brown bread.

- Stuffed aubergines. They are aubergines stuffed with a paste of minced beef, garlic, egg and parsley. They're covered with breadcrumbs and fried or roasted in the oven.

- Grilled peppers: A typical dish troughout the summer. Red peppers are grilled and then peeled. They are then cut into strips and topped with garlic and salt. Sometimes you'll find them with pieces of cod or aubergine.

- Tumbet. Traditional dish made with red peppers, aubergines, tomatos, potatoes and garlic. Sometimes they're mixed with meat or fish.

October / November / December

In autumn and winter, when it is a little bit colder, there are some other more tempting dishes. These are the buñols, sopes de matances, frit de matances, escaldums or the coques de torró.

- Buñols.Very similar to a doughnut, this tasty pastry is made with flour, eggs and boiled potatoes. They're fried in oil and served with sugar or honey.

- Sopes de matances. The pig-killing is celebrated in December in a familiar and festive atmosphere. That day the sopes are prepared with the pig's lean part, and there's also another dish consisting of the pig's loin and cauliflower.

- Frit de matances. At the end of the pig-killing frit is served, made with the lean part of the pig, the loin, the heart and blood. All this is fried with potatoes, onions and red peppers.

- Escaldums. On Christmas day people usually eat escaldums, which is a beef or hen stew with potatoes, onions, tomatos, garlic, white wine and a hazelnut and pine kernel sauce which confers this dish a delicious taste.

- Coques de torró. It's a typical Christmas dessert, which is a paste of almond and sugar that fills two wafers.


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